Using Web Design to Engage Blog Readers

What kind of response do you get from your readers? Is it good? Is it bad? Chances are good that you can’t honestly that question, because you simply don’t get any feedback at all. In fact, only a very small percentage of online users will normally take the time to respond to your carefully crafted blog post. But why? What can you do about it? If they don’t want to participate, then they just don’t want to participate – right? Not true. There are things you can do to engage them more effectively. You don’t want to pass up on any opportunity to get your visitors to speak up and visibly interact. Why? If your blog has an active readership, then your blog, your business, and you come across as more trust-worthy and credible. If a visitor reads your blog and another one that has similar content, similar length, similar quality, but one of the blogs has a lot more comments than the other, they’ll probably disregard the one with fewer comments. One of the main things that you should consider doing is hiring an excellent web designer who understands the need to make the design user-engaging. There’s more to design than putting the right color scheme together and coming up with snazzy graphics. Web design also includes planning the structure and how your visitors will interact on the blog. If you’ve done your searching and have come up with a San Francisco web designer that you feel comfortable with, here are some things to ask them about. They’ll be able to talk with you about possibly using them to increase the interaction that takes place on your blog. 1.Using a custom designed form field for where your readers input their comment. Make it fresh, catchy, but clean in design. 2.Use “reply” buttons or links for every comment that is posted to encourage more comments. 3.Use clean, web 2.0 style buttons and tasteful graphics to remind or ask readers to comment. Reward your Commenters You can let your readers know how important they are and that you appreciate them taking the time interact on your blog. After all, they are taking time out of their day to construct their comments, post, and probably subscribing to keep up with the conversation. They deserve a pat on the back! You could do a weekly round-up of interesting comments made, top commenters, regular commenters, or whatever. This shows a personal touch, as you are taking time to write and publish the post. You can somewhat automate this on a similar level by using a plugin like gravatars or the top commenters plugin. Give Back The possibilities here are endless. You could offer them something for free when they interact on your blog. You could run top commenter contests. You can have the designer ensure that comments are do-follow so they are able to get some link love from your blog. You could give them a special little place on your blog where they can post their profile or their links.

How a New York Web Design Company Can Help You With a Blog

If you have heard about the new marketing technologies of a blog and you would like to give it a try but you do not know the first place to start then you might want to hire a New York web design company to help you with the solution. They can help you design the blog, write content for the blog, and even advertise the blog too. Many people don’t know how to create a blog for their online business so they think they can go without it. All sites are different and they depend on the audience you are targeting as shoppers and visitors. It also depends on the goals of your online business if you need a blog at all. If you are not sure if you need a blog you should talk to a New York web design company and find out what they think. You don’t have to know how to create your own blog. If the functionality of the web and building sites is confusing to you then a New York web design company will create the blog for you. This way you won’t be required to do anything at all but enjoy the benefit of the blog. Another reason why you might hire a New York web design company for your blog is that they will create the blog for you. They may start the conversations off with very unique and interesting content. This will immediately attract users to the site and make them want to take on in the conversations. This can help generate customers and even sales. When done properly it will even help generate more traffic to a site. A New York web design company is also going to advertise for the blog. They are not going to set up your blog and walk away. They are going to send as much traffic to the blog as possible. They want to get the word out about the blog, about the topic, and encourage people to join in on the conversation. This will allow for an interest to be created from the users and it will work in a positive way for any online business. There are many ways that a New York web design company can positively integrate a blog into your site. You might want to consider this effort if you are not generating enough traffic or revenues with your online business. About 7strategy 7strategy is a global leader delivering a full range of high performance website development, interactive services and integrated marketing solutions. Headquartered in Kansas City and rapidly growing, the company has acquired a worldwide customer base through their offices in Denmark, Malaysia and Colorado. With a reputation for truly innovative work along with strategic planning, 7strategy has built a reputation for delivering digital productions that blend design, e-commerce, Flash and 3D into solutions that leave a lasting impression and convert traffic into customers. Having been chosen by notable national clients to overhaul their website, 7strategy continues to set the standard of web design, development and interactive solutions. 7strategy, using its proprietary development process, has won a number of awards for its outstanding work with clients. The following divisions of the company work in unison to strategically plan, develop and deploy your marketing solutions: • Web Design & Development (including Microsites) • Custom Ecommerce with SEO • Flash Design • Motion Graphics & Post Production • 3D & Interactive Animation • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) • Strategic Planning • Brand Identity Development

Best Ways to Monetize Your Web Design Blog

Information is the new generation drug and the main advantage of it is not having any side effects. Just think about it – every year our whole civilization is getting more addicted to fresh news from financial markets, politics, environment, culture and so on. Even though this social and technological phenomenon keeps evolving every minute (with creating new accounts on social networks and launching new web blogs) it is too early to say about total qualitative increase of this phenomenon.

Despite the fact that informational boom in general upsets with increase of spam, web design blogosphere gives us hope for the best. Today we’ve decided to highlight really important topic – how you can actually monetize your web-design blog. If you think that it is not so easy – well we’ve got something for you. Opportunities are in the air – you just have to catch one. Modern marketing technologies are giving more and more chances to earn profits from your design blog. Using some of these methods will help you to monetize your project, provide deeper interaction with your clients (visitors) and of course get unvalued experience in internet marketing sphere. Being a good blogger actually doesn’t necessarily mean being financially successful. So, below you will find out about some efficient techniques to earn some money from your design-related blog.

Advertising on Your Site


Selling banner ads is the simplest way to monetize your blog. Of course before starting to sell ads space you should know that Page Views are important part of this process and that the more page views you have the better your results in selling banners will be.

3rd Party Advertising Platforms

There’s an advertiser, a publisher and a platform that is a middleman working for a commission. These are classic nowadays – using a service like Google AdSense, BuySellAds or some other program, which will take the work out of managing your advertisers. It is obvious that web design community is one of the strongest social groups in the net and you may have seen that many trustworthy and white-listed blogs offer many design-related products. So, why don’t you try it? The formula is simple: huge traffic=clicks=profits.

Affiliate Programs

There are many various affiliate programs offered by different wed-design companies. Selling website templates or design themes, promoting stock photos or reselling hosting can increase your profits instantly. Also you can get some extra benefits offering customization services for the products that you are reselling (+hosting reselling would give triple combo).

Become a Teacher

Using modern communication technologies like Google Wave, Skype and others, you can offer online webinars or tutorials in SEO, SMO, site updating – the possibilities are effectively limitless. Sell your experience to your visitors and enjoy teaching!

Freelance Writing

Writing articles for money is a common thing among the bloggers. Hereby if you are confident in your writing skills – go-ahead and look for potential clients. The price depends on the topic, size and quality. Writing articles for other blogs is really useful because you can improve your copywriting experience and apply it at your own project. You should remember that this occupation requires mobility because you have to find clients by yourself; cooperate with other freelancers and join some professional communities for other business interactions.

Job Boards

Considering experience of Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Wall and Mashable, it is reasonable to claim that such interesting technique will be an extremely useful resource both for visitors-clients and visitors-freelancers. By the way, a successfully working job board doesn’t require using these huge listings. This is a very flexible solution that allows you to interact with your colleagues and gain perfect reputation among the clients.

Involving Friends

If you have friend that earns for living by developing some applications or coding and so on – well it is time to make business together. You can easily offer his products at your blog. This would be paying business for both of you guys and with the right marketing approach you’ll have the army of satisfied clients.

With an experience of more than 5 years in the area of web design – specifically template affiliate program and PrestaShop themes – Stan Lem is currently employed with as a freelance writer and blogger.

What Characteristics Make For Excellent Web Design For Blogs?

When it comes to the web design of blogs, there is a huge division between those that are average and those that are excellent. Which do you think are the more successful? Whilst creating a blog is not that different from creating a normal website, coming up with an excellent design depends on the inclusion (or exclusion) of a number of characteristics, including:

This is often the last area looked at during the web design stage but, when done well, the comment section can really make or break the feel of the entire site for visitors. You might want to consider including avatars for those who comment, making it so that the author’s comments stand out from those by visitors, using speech bubbles, and so on.

Unfortunately, web design for both blogs and websites does not tend to hold the footer in very high esteem, but this is a section that is vital for ensuring easy navigation. There are a number of things that a footer should include, such as links to social media profiles, links to the author’s website, copyright information, and so on.

This is one of the major areas for attention in blog web design, as it forms a large part of how users will navigate the site. A good sidebar will have an attractive appearance, be easy to use, and will contain relevant content. You could include sections like: popular posts, recent posts, date-based archives, recent comments, and so on.

One of the main aims of a blog is to convert visitors into subscribers who will continuously return to read your latest posts. For this reason, you need to include links to the RSS feed and mailing list somewhere on the blog (usually in the sidebar). Many designers prefer not to tamper with the placement of these links, as this is where visitors expect to find them.

As there are thousands and thousands of blogs out there, it is important to make yours stand out from the crowd. You could focus on making yours overly artistic or creative, or heavily typography based, or colourful, or even dark for an interesting effect. You need to ensure, however, that the entire blog has a distinctive look.

For many websites, the blog section is highly important for attracting new customers, clients or followers, but if you want your blog to succeed it is important that you employ an effective web design. There are, of course, many more characteristics involved with designing a good blog; the ones listed above, however, tend to be the most important or beneficial.

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9 Tips to Design a Blog Sidebar Readers Will Love

No matter which blogging niche you focus on, you’ll always feel the need to design an attractive sidebar. Whether you want to market your blog to your audience or make money from it, the items that you place in the sidebar will always have an important role to play. Putting too many things in your blog’s sidebar will look like clutter, which readers really don’t like. On the other hand, you can never take the risk of missing out on the most essential or popular items that readers expect to see in a blog’s sidebar.

Don’t worry. Given below are nine key tips to design an attractive (and uncluttered) sidebar so that you can fulfill your goals while keeping readers happy.

#1. Define Objectives
Depending on what you want to achieve with your blog, a sidebar can be used for a variety of functions. For example, many WordPress blogs place a subscription form at the top of the sidebar. Bloggers that want to make some profit place banner ads at the top. There are others that focus on social networking by putting attractive social media site icons at the top of their blog’s sidebar. Find out what your objectives are.

#2. Choose Appropriate Size
Size is an important consideration as well. Though the sidebar size is almost similar in most of the blogs, you may want to go for a wider (or lengthier) one based on your specific requirements. Also, you may divide your content into two sidebars

#3. Give the Sidebar Some Freedom
Whether the sidebar of your WordPress blog uses the same background as the rest of the page or has its own, it should be able to stand out. So, always remember to leave adequate breathing space between the sidebar and the rest of the content on the blog. It’s a good practice to make readers feel comfortable.

#4. Make a Good First Impression
The sidebar of your blog gives you an excellent opportunity to make a lasting impact on the mind of the first-time visitor. While designing this section, you should also include those items that validate the freshness of your blog. First-time visitors will return only when they see some activity going on.

#5. Highlight the Flagship Content
What’s most important to the growth of your blog should go to the top. If you want to increase blog subscribers, the subscription form should be highlighted. If you’re selling an e-book, you need to make it prominent in the sidebar. You can also choose to highlight those blogs posts that have gained most acclaim from your readers .

#6. Use Images
Only links and text won’t make your blog’s sidebar look attractive. If you want the sidebar to attract the reader’s attention, you should use images and graphics to create an appealing design. No matter what items you want to include, you can add some visual appeal to the same for maximum attraction. However, avoid using blinking or animated objects.

#7. Create Prominent Headings
This is one of those design tips that will help you stand out in the crowd. Don’t create headings that look similar as the rest of the content. Each single element on the sidebar should have some prominence. It’s also good practice to make your sidebar look uncluttered and tidy.

#8. Enhance Usability
Sidebars must always be designed to enhance the experience of users. In terms of usability, a blog’s sidebar should help visitors find things they like. When visitors easily find what they’re looking for, they’ll spend more time on your blog. That clearly means that the sidebar will play a vital role in improving the overall impact of your blog on readers.

#9. Test (and Simplify)
What works best on someone else’s blog, may not bring the same results on your own. It’s always recommended that you do some testing by switching elements on the sidebar to discover what makes the most impact in your case. And don’t forget to simplify, because simple is sexy!

Scared of SEO for Web Design and Website Development – Myths or a Reality?

The word SEO itself scares a lot of website and blog owners. But the fact that SEO is the only thing that matters the most, makes developers focus on it more. People are often confused on what to do to improve their SEO and get that front page link on search engines, but the key fact is, that SEO alone does not determine a site’s ranking, there are certain other aspects on the web that prove to be of similar importance. Just a bunch if keywords stumbled and stuffed together in a meaningless post would result in defamation of website and removal from a search engine’s index. Thus, many website owners seek help from one or the other web design and website development. Though it’s not like its impossible to work without one of these but yet, a difference between professional and personal work looks quite clear.

Many of the website and blog owners just look for the stuff and try to implement it, when they don’t see quick results they give the idea. The first key to success is surviving that hard part and not quitting, with a little bit of hard work, some useful tips and proper work efficiency anyone can get to the main aim. Below mentioned are some of the tips to get you started with the work.

Understanding SEO

Before you get into the “typical” stuff you got to understand what SEO is and what do you have to do about it.

Search Engine optimisation or SEO is something that can be called as a work done to optimise your content for the internet. Something that has to be done to make your content available to people, to make sure people look at your content. In order to get this done you have to work according to search engine algorithms, which are very complicated (lets not get there), you just have to understand two main terms ‘keywords’, ‘keyword density’, others things like image, inbound/outbound links are a bit lower than these two.

The main terms of SEO

The two main SEO terms are explained below, besides these two a lot of deep work has to be done to get high content rating.

Keywords: Keywords are those words which determine what your content is about, per say if you are writing about a motorbike than your keywords would be set by you on the basis of depiction of people’s search terms. These determine your page rank on search engine’s.

Keyword Density: The amount of times you insert the keyword in your content would be called keyword density. The average keyword density for your post to hang out among the top ones should be somewhere between 2%-3% of the total word count.

Maintaining all of these together is not an easy task, but with a help of any small web design and SEO company you can make your mark in the world of internet.

The Great List of Web Designing Blogs

Web designing is specially meant to improve your website visibility. It is designing that empowers company strength. A number of online tools were introduced into the market for assisting small businesses in improving their website visibility. The web presence has achieved a great popularity due to its effective keyword generation, business blogging and social media. It has become very difficult to start designing these days. For this reason designing blogs are specially designed to provide audience with designing tools, fresh updates, articles and news. Here is the great list of designing blogs that allows you effective guest blogging.

In this list the smashing magazine stands first. It is launched in the month of September, 2006. The main motto of this smashing magazine is to provide innovative information various techniques and latest trends, which would be helpful to you in web development. It allows only the bloggers who provide high quality, unique articles, resources and tools with great ideas. It effectively resolves all the web related problems. It is a best platform for the developers to learn designing. It is a 1 stop shop that effectively trains the people with designing, web development and copy writing. They offer online business, pro blogging, graphic design and commercial marketing.

The web & designers stands in the 2nd position in this list. This is a great company that offers effective blogging. It has got wide popularity for its awesome website templates. This is launched in the month of august, 2008. It mainly focuses on social networking news and web 2.0. Each and every blogger have to get updated regularly on the latest happenings in the world of designing. Further the updated blogs will provide fabulous information on latest tools, graphic and designs.

The other best designing blogs include men with pens. It persuades the people with its web development, copy writing and design. Its main focus is always on customer’s satisfaction. Besides they provide effective commercial marketing, pro-blogging, online business and graphic design. SKYJE is one of the best competitors in this race. It is launched in the year 2008, august. It guest-blogging column is related to Photoshop tutorial, articles, design, word press and social media. You could prefer any one of these great designing blogs for improving your business. For more information on the best list of the designing blogs you could visit. Stay tuned to find regular updates on great designing blogs.